How to replace a car cigarette lighter

Cigarrete smoking in the car has reduced drastically in recent years. It's a falling trend and health conscious people are not interested in this. People have a better insight into health problems caused due to smoking and so this trend is on a decline. But, still many vehicles come with this facility of cigarette lighters along with an ashtray. If your vehicle has this facility and the lighter isn't functioning properly, you can follow these easy steps to fix it. The port that a cigarette lighter uses is an universal adapter port which can also be used for many electricity run applainces. Laptops and cellphone chargers use the same port. The powerpoint, commonly referred to as the adapter port, is very commonly provided as an accessory in most vehicles manufactured in the United States. It comes with almost every vehicle irrespective of the make and other detailings. So, as it is provided, it may need some repairing or replacement. Replacing it involves buying a new cigarette lighter.

Car cigarette lighter
Car cigarette lighter

Difficulty level: Easy

Time required: 20-30 minutes

Resources required:

1. A new cigarette lighter

2. A cellphone charger

3. Fuse (optional)

Estimate cost: Relatively cheap as the resources will not cost you much.


1. First you need to find a device which will adapt to the cigarette lighter port of your vehicle. There can be many devices which will adapt to the lighter port of your vehicle but it will be ideal if you can get hold of a cellphone charger or something similar. It isn't very difficult task as such devices are very commonly found.

Once you find the device which is required, attach it into the port and turn the vehicle's interior power on. See whether it is working properly. If it is, the fuse is in perfect condition and just buying a new cigarette lighter will solve your problem. If you see that the new device you have connected to the cigarette lighter port isn't working, the fuse might have been blown by the cigarette lighter and will need replacement. You can purchase a fuse from any hardware store nearby.

2. Go to a store which sell automobile parts. You may have one nearby which will be easily accessible. Or else you can try stores like Pepboys or Autozone. Once you locate a store, purchase a new cigarette lighter for your vehicle. All the vehicle cigarette ports use the same electrical amps and the same sized ports. So, you will not need to measure the port of your vehicle's cigarette port. All the cars use the same cigarette port.

3. After you have purchased a new cigarette lighter for your car, place it into the port and wait till it clicks into its proper place. Once it has clicked, it will come out soon with a red hot tip. This will signify that your car's cigarette lighter is functioning properly.

Frequently asked questions

1. Where can I get a new cigarette lighter for my vehicle?

Ans: You will get a new cigarette lighter for your vehicle from an automobile store. You can also try store like Pepboys or Autoboys.

2. How do I decide on the cigarette lighter size for my car?

Ans: You don't need to fret over this as all cars use the same cigarette lighter port.

3. What if any other device is not working on the cigarette lighter port in my car?

Ans: If you see that none of the devices are working in your car's cigarette lighter port, you can be sure that the previous cigarette lighter has blown away the fuse. You will need to replace the fuse. Take an electrician's help if you need or purchase one from a nearby electrical store and replace it yourself.

Quick tips

Once you have inserted your new cigarette lighter into the port, wait till it clicks into its place. You will almost hear a clicking sound. It will also come out with a hot tip if its functioning properly.

Things to watch out for

You may like the accessories in your car to be in proper condition, but do keep in mind that cigarette smoking is injurious to health.

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