Rumormill: 2013 Honda Beat compact sports car on the way

The rumored

Honda seems to be planning to officially announce the launch of new Honda Beat so as to put to rest all the rumors doing rounds since many days. According to sources in UK and Japan at Auto Express, Honda’s car and motorcycle engineering expertise would be combined in the upcoming Beat’s two seat model. The car’s styling is influenced by Honda OSM which was brought out by the company at the London Motor show in 2008. The new model will have shorter front and rear overhangs and is being built on the platform similar to the hybrid CR- Z sports cars.

2013 Honda Beat Concept
2013 Honda Beat Concept

The rumor

Sources in Japan tell that Honda plans to combine the best of its motorcycle and car technologies to produce the two-seater coupe as a worthy successor to the Nineties Beat. Honda plans to develop the front wheel driven Beat for the compact sports car segment and would go for sale in late 2013. The grapevine has that though Honda doesn’t plan to go hybrid for Beat it might opt for stop-start feature. The latest buzz about Beat is that it will be having next generation advanced VTEC petrol engines. These engines are due to appear in the Honda cars from next year.

The unknown

Honda Beat Sports Car Factbox
Honda Beat Sports Car Factbox

It is highly speculated that Honda’s Beat with a price tag of less than £20,000 would be competing with the cars like Mazda MX-5 and Renault Wind covering the European continent and the US. Although it is yet to be known whether this car will be available for sale worldwide including the Asian continent

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2013 Honda Beat
Honda seems to be planning to officially announce the launch of new Honda Beat so as to put to rest all the rumors doing rounds since many days.
The known

Honda’s archtype version of Beat was a drop-top of 3 meters with a 660 cc engine and produced between the years 1991 to 1996. The engine especially was perfect to take advantage of the Japanese tax breaks. The newer version of Beat two-seater sports coupe will have a smaller body with shorter overhangs and will be based on the CR-Z two door petrol-electric platform. It is most likely to be based on Honda’s OSM version.

The new Beat is said to be having the finest of Honda’s next generation petrol engines that is the 1.3 or 1.5 –litre advanced VTEC. These advanced petrol engines will make their appearance in the company’s cars next year onwards. The engine bosses who have the final say will also be quite excited about the first of its kind dual-clutch transmission for cars by Honda.

What if it’s true?

The current range of cars with exception of Civic Type R lack the style cum sporty reputation which cars like Integra, Prelude, S2000 and NSX carried for their brands back in 1990’s. Can Honda make things work for itself in countries like Australia or in continents like South Asia with a fairly priced two-seater sports coupe?If the rumors do turn out to be true then the all new Beat will definitely be a competition for cars like Mazda MX-5 and Renault Wind in Europe and US markets.

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