‘Ryno’ one-wheeled electric scooter offers green, cost effective ride in cramped city space

Like many one-wheeled bikes, Ryno Motors, a US based company, has built a one wheeled electric scooter, dubbed the Ryno. The electric scooter uses a gyroscope to keep itself upright like a Segway. To accelerate the scooter, the rider has to lean forward and backward to decelerate. The idea for making this one-wheeled scooter came from a thirteen year old girl, named Lauren who has seen one-wheeled bike in a video game and wanted to ride one to school.

ryno one wheeled electric scooter
ryno one wheeled electric scooter

Her father, Chris Hoffman, after contemplating the ‘ifs and ans’ started making its prototype and all its parts were picked up off-the-shelf, and after shopping it around a few investors and building the team up, Ryno is preparing to launch it on the market. This electric scooter will have a range of up to 30miles, a maximum speed of 25miles and to a recharge time of 90 minutes.

The one wheeled contraption weighs merely 75kg and can cope with slopes of up to 30 percent before it starts getting confused. The manufacturer is to launch it on the market soon with a price tag of £2,250. And this vehicle is not only a cost effective solution for the low speed urban transport but also greener and fits well in the cramped city spaces.

Via: Wired.co.uk

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