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SoundRacer makes your boring car sound like a V8 powerhouse

SoundRacer seems to be slightly different than other such devices available in the market, as this one directs its energy towards you, rather than other people on the road. Or at least that’s how it appears. You get to choose from a V8 or a V10 sound device that plugs in to the car’s cigarette lighter. The device can calculate the engine rpm, and create the corresponding sound that plays through the car’s stereo system through an FM transmitter.

sound racer
sound racer

So you get to hear supercar sounds while sitting in the brand new ‘93 Taurus, while trying to believe that it’s actually a supercar. The best part apparently is that you can quietly and discreetly indulge in supercar fantasies without exposing your cheesy side. The SoundRacer is available for $40.

Via: SoundRacer/ OhGizmo

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