SoundRacer's simulator adds Ferrari V12 Engine sound to your boring car

Ferrari has a big, indeed very big fan following; so much so that every auto nerd dreams to own one or have a ride once. However, it’s not a car that everyone can afford. For those who are the diehard fans and would love anything Ferrari, the SoundRacer's V12 Engine sound simulator is what they’d surely endorse. Similar to its predecessor, SoundRacer V8, the sound simulator can calculate the engine rpm and creates the corresponding sound that plays through the car’s stereo system through an FM transmitter.

soundracer v12 simulator
soundracer v12 simulator

Invented by Kenneth Palmestål, the engine sound selected for the V12 version is from a 1980 Ferrari 512BBLM, recorded at the Mugello racetrack in Italy in 2008. And, in order to make your boring ordinary car sound like Ferrari, all you need to do is to plug it into the cigarette lighter socket, then select a frequency for your car stereo set and turn up the volume to enjoy the thrill of driving with Ferrari V12 engine sound. For all this pleasure of Ferrari V12 sound one need to shell out USD59.

soundracer v12 simulator 4
soundracer v12 simulator 4
soundracer v12 simulator 3
soundracer v12 simulator 3
soundracer v12 simulator 5
soundracer v12 simulator 5
soundracer v12 simulator 2
soundracer v12 simulator 2

Press Release

SoundRacer AB, Sweden, presents the dream product for the motor enthusiasts of the world:

Ferrari V12 sounds in your standard car!

Never before have the average car driver been able to enjoy the exciting sounds of a Ferrari V12 engine just by plugging in an inexpensive gadget into the 12V “cigarette lighter” socket in his car.

Inventor Kenneth Palmestål:

“For me, as well as most motoring enthusiasts, Ferrari is the ultimate car by all standards. It stands out for the performance, the design but also for the extraordinary engines and their fascinating sounds. These are the reasons to that we now release a SoundRacer with Ferrari sound. Finally, we have created the ultimate entertainment device for the motoring world as well as a perfect gift for all fans of Ferrari.”

The famed conductor Herbert von Karajan once told Enzo Ferrari “When I hear your 12 cylinders, I hear a burst of harmony no conductor could ever recreate”. The SoundRacer team has finally succeeded in the development of a product that can give a similar pleasure; it is truly an “exciting interactive in-car entertainment”. It even has the exhaust pops and bangs typical for racing tuned engines.

Swedish invention

The sound of engine and exhaust is a vital part of the experience when driving a car. Comfort and environmental requirements, however, has led to an almost complete suppression of these sounds. SoundRacer is an invention that brings back the excitement without damaging the environment or the driver’s economy.

International success

The combination of a fun and entertaining gadget and a practical FM transmitter for playing music from a mobile phone or MP3 player has proved to be an international best seller. Following last year’s success in Sweden, USA/Canada and Australia of the V8 and V10 models, there are now SoundRacer distributors in 33 countries that will bring the new SoundRacer V12 to the market.

SoundRacer AB has developed a product for interactive in-car entertainment, producing a high-performance-engine sound using the car stereo system.


The first two models, with sounds from a large rumbling V8 and a high-revving V10, have been on the market since June 2009. They have become very popular around the world and are now sold in 33 countries through 64 retailers/distributors with new distribution requests arriving weekly.

SoundRacer AB Aminogatan 34, 43153 Mölndal, Sweden

Until today 36 000 SoundRacer are sold. The V8 is outselling the V10 by 4 to 1 with an exception in Japan where the V10 is more popular.

The engine sound we selected for the V12 version is from a 1980 Ferrari 512BBLM, recorded at the Mugello racetrack in Italy in 2008 by our excellent engine sound supplier Greg Hill, SoundWave concepts.

The engine is a 4.942 liter / 301.6 cu in Type F102 BB LM V 12. 500 bhp / 373 KW @ 7000 rpm.

Our developers have made a great work squeezing the impressive Ferrari V12 sounds into the four small sound files that must fit into the SoundRacer microchip to produce the idling, low acceleration, high acceleration and deceleration sounds. In addition to that we have included the exhaust pops and bangs when you release the throttle, typical for racing tuned engines. Of course, we have to admit that it is impossible to achieve the full sound quality of a real Ferrari engine, but for this price and for most people it is close enough.

SoundRacer Car FM Transmitter with genuine sampled Ferrari V12 sounds.

Product description.

The V12 version has a SoundRacer processor with more memory allowing improved function and sound quality compared to the V8 and V10 versions..

A line in socket allows a music player to be connected for playing music on the car stereo.

Expected retail price: USD59, €39.

Press contacts:

Kenneth Palmestål Tony Hammarlund Inventor, Managing Director Marketing and Sales Phone +46 706 906090 +46 735 338824

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