Suzuki Samurai six wheeler on sale!

If you're the kind that fancies huge monster trucks, like those in the mud races, then this might be right up your alley. The humongous Suzuki Samurai six wheeler has recently been put up for sale on the Craigslist website by an unnamed owner in Lansing, Michigan. The diesel powered vehicle, with its robust body and gigantic wheels, is equipped with a hydrostatic drive that transmits engine power to all of its 6 wheels.

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graphic1 s1muz 17014 BBRqr 17014

From the looks of this vehicle, one can easily call this six wheeler an indisputably powerful vehicle that could function extremely well in even the toughest of off-road conditions. However, I am certain that the owner is only giving this up because he wants something a tad faster, since that seems to be its biggest flaw. If you've dreamt of owning a monster truck and you've got the space to fit this in your garage, I suggest you look this up fast before it's too late!

Via: Driive

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