The Lotus Exige Segway goes 188mph, misses warp drive

Segways, no matter how cool they appear are basically slow, two wheelers with a load of gadgets. But a Segway that can go 188 mph is something we can totally appreciate, that sports car speed actually does come from being a sportscar. This is no ordinary Segway people, it is the Lotus Exige segway. And yes, it has a supercharged engine and a zero to 60mph time of 2.02 seconds.

exige segway
exige segway

I was about to call Kostyn Racing Photography at 555-WHOA to place an order for delivery of this Exige Segway in 2035, when I realized the cat had run away with my shoe that had the $500,000 bill in it. I will now wait for a Veyron Segway, one that has warp drive. Luckily, my other shoe with the $2 million bill in it is still safe.

Via: Kostyn Racing Photography/ Walyou

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