The real Donald Duck's car doesn't take you to Disneyland

A new car has been launched and everyone would be able to see it in a short while on 13th March. The car is in red color and one of the vintage cars. It is no other than the car, which the comic character Donald Duck drove in different stories. The number plate of the car is 313, a unique number which was made for only Donald Duck’s car.


The red car has come out of the comic stories and entered the real life. The only problem in the car is that it does not have enough space for people to sit. Only a single person can sit in the car and drove away. Well one thing is for sure that it will catch the eyes of many people passing by when someone is driving this car. Donald Duck’s birthday is on the 13th March which makes it an exact date for launching.

Donald Duck has so far mesmerized most of us all over the world with his quack voice and funny comments on the television. The car was constructed by Donald Duck himself with the help of various spare parts. The car used to breakdown very often during the series of the cartoon, which used to add to the humor. Hope the real car doesn’t breakdown so soon as that won’t be taken as a humor.

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Donald Duck's Car

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