Artist converts weapon of Mass destruction into innovative mobile library

Hats off to this messenger of peace called Raul Lemesoff, an Argentinean artist, who transformed a Ford Falcon, which once belonged to the Argentinean armed forces and probably used as a means of doing acts of aggression during the dictatorship, into a marvelous library of books which is a representation of peace and enlightenment.

the argentine book tank arma de instruccion masiva
the argentine book tank arma de instruccion masiva

The 1979 green-colored model, named “The Weapon of Mass Instruction” or ‘Arma de Instruccion Masiva” , with its collection of 900 books , is driven on the streets of Buenos Aires and other Argentinean cities and remote places with the noble mission of educating people who do not have access to books or schools. Lemesoff also accepts funds in charity from patrons and uses it for the worthy purpose of catering to the needs of less privileged schools.

According to this artist,

The Weapon of Mass Instruction is meant to get people to recognize various aspects of life: sharing, education, and also to have a good time. It’s a contribution to peace through literature.

Who does not know Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s adage “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”? Let us, for once, hope that “The Weapon of Mass Instruction” destroys all strife and evil and establishes peace by instructions of respect for humanity and human life.

Source: Art Car Central

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