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The world’s most wheelchair-friendly car ever

If you have ever had the misfortune of being in a wheelchair, you know how difficult the routine task of just getting in and out of a car can be. To make driving easier for a wheel-chair bound person, developers often turn to hydraulic lifts, custom controllers and all kinds of high-tech gizmos, which more often than not come with a high level of failure potential too. This is where this ingenious concept car from Hungarian company Rehab, Rt. really shows off its true colors. The Kenguru, as the vehicle is called, cuts to the chase by simply having a ground-level flip-open back door that lets the operator pull his wheelchair right into the driving position inside the car and, with the help of a joystick steering, lets the driver vroom away onto the roads. Could it get any simpler than this?


Via: Boing Boing

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