Travel made effortless with Pipistrel's new four seater Panthera

The largest European indoor general aviation Expo - Friedrichshafen 2011 in Germany saw the launching of Pipistrel’s revolutionary 4-seat high-performance long-range cruiser, Pathera. Slovenia based Pipistrel has already acquired a distinct status for developing lightweight streamlined aircrafts and electric power trains and has won several accolades and prizes in the past. Panthera's organic curves are a product of the optimization of this vast expertise, skill and technical credentials acquired By Pipistrel over the last 25 years or so.

the panthera
the panthera

The Panthera comes in dimensions of 807.00 cm x 190.00 cm x 1086.00 cm meaning it is effortless to store and to go down short runway fields closest to the desired destination.

The new model will be ready in three versions driven by petrol, hybrid and electric. A 145kW motor powers all three models with the hybrid version releasing a cruising speed of 263kmph for a range of 1220km, while the electric version permits 400km at a cruising speed of 218kmph. The petrol version powered by Lycoming IO-390 engine however will be more expensive and go into production following year and with output of 230 miles per hour and a fuel consumption of only 10 gallons per hour. This is the only model which can actually allow space enough for four persons or extra baggage as the hybrid and electric ones in order to make up for the extra weight of batteries is able to carry fly with only two people aboard.

All three versions of this svelte aircraft are done up with titanium-component landing gear, a state-of-the art, spacious, air-conditioned ergonomic cabin, recovery parachute, glass cockpit instrumentation, automatic solar powered ventilation and a list of standard features that should satisfy most VFR/IFR flight requirements. The interior furnished with highest quality leather and LED lighting exudes functionality as well as elegance.

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The Panthera

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