Turkish designers envision Gallardo, 911, R8 slayer in BMW Z5 concept

For a designer, it's the ultimate compliment when one of the world's leading automakers actually wants to turn your concept into a production model! The Hollywood ending is all but realized for designer duo Ismet Çevik and Fatih Tezel of design studio Nobile-OT with their concept for a futuristic mid-engine supercar being picked up by BMW who will launch a production model of the car in 2013. Named the BMW Z5, the 3D model of the concept came backed by a solid conceptual study which no doubt prompted the German automakers to take the proposal as a seriously viable project.

BMW Z5 concept by İsmet Çevik
BMW Z5 concept by İsmet Çevik

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BMW Z5 concept by İsmet Çevik
BMW Z5 concept by Turkish designer İsmet Çevik

The concept was created as a natural next step for the carmaker in the V8/V12-engined 2-door, 2+2 coupe segment which was left wide open with the company’s discontinuation of the 8 series in 1999. The Z5 concept looks to plug this hole in the company’s portfolio with a supercar that can not only rival other established brands like the Audi R8 supercar, the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Porsche 911 in the segment, but also stand apart from its competitors with a distinct edge.

The Z5 supercar concept does not deviate too much from the 8 series overall, but takes it to the next level keeping in mind the evolution it missed out on in the last decade.

Vision-efficient dynamics dominate the lines of the new concept though the main emphasis for the Z5 is its lightweight frame, fuel efficiency and the successful integration of hybrid technology within the supercar. With a mid-mounted 4000 cc, 4.2L V8 engine fitted behind the cockpit, the car is expected to rev up to 480 hp easily and the coupe is expected to perform somewhat like the BMW Z4 GT3.

The Z5 features a muzzled, sloping front grill that retains the fierceness of the 8 series. A low roof coupled with a sloping aerodynamic rear tail highlight the sportiness of the design. To keep the car’s appeal up to speed with the aesthetics made popular by its contemporaries, the Z5 comes fitted with two exhausts that are located at the middle of the rear bumper. The leaf-like design of the taillights is deliberately made to give the car a distinct futuristic look.

The team still hasn’t released any more information about the concept just yet and chances are that the Z5 will evolve further before the final outcome is debuted to the world.

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