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Would you like this Trimuter to be your second car?

I have no idea what prompts people to build or buy funny looking “cars” that run on three wheels. And more often than not, I have seen these trikes turning out to be bit an eyesore for their owners after the initial euphoria of having a freaky car sitting in their car wears off. Just like this supposedly revolutionary Trimuter bought by this Kansas-based gentleman who admits the car didn’t quite turn out be what he thought he’d paid good money for. The gent did not give out info about how much dough he dished out to acquire what I consider quite a stupid investment, he did fill up his webpage with a long list of the problems the car had developed before he got himself a real set of wheels (a 1950 International pickup) and pushed the Trimuter to the far of his garage. I wonder what he plans to do with the thing next, since I don’t think he’d be able to sell the monstrosity forward anytime in this century!

trimuterbuilt ZEyCK 1333
trimuterbuilt ZEyCK 1333

Source: Foster Land

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