Ferrari 355 replica with Pontiac Fiero heartbeat

Modders trying to build themselves DIY versions of the famous cars always run at the risk of being called names. But rarely has the word ‘patent violator’ ever been used for a modder and perhaps that’s what this gent from Agrigento, Italy counted on when he decided to give his old Pontiac Fiero a makeover. But perhaps the businessman and amateur modder didn’t really read his copy of ‘Italian Patent Law for Dummies’ too well because his Pontiac Fiero-tuned-Ferrari 355 has landed him with a hefty trademark and patent violation lawsuit.

Ferrari 355 replica
Ferrari 355 replica

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Ferrari 355 replica
Ferrari 355 replica with Pontiac Fiero

Arguably the most iconic sports car brand in history, the Ferrari 355 is also one of the most copied sportscar in the world. However, the version created by this Italian enthusiast was so perfect that it landed him in trouble. Even though the modder managed to copy the look of the Pininfarina design to the tee both on the outside as well as in the cabin, he forgot to register his creation as a custom creation and was dumb (or smug) enough to take it for a spin on the open road. When the cops caught sight of the fake Ferrari running around with a Pontiac license plate, they handed him a nice ticket which said that he would be booked with charges for counterfeiting a trademark.

Via: Oddity Central / La Repubblica Palermo

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