Finally, a Robot that actually transforms!

Sculptures inspired by Transformers have been sprouting up left right and center ever since the original animated series first aired in 1984. Michael Bay's more recent reinterpretation of the hit action animation flick inspired an instant classic movie series which gave us numerous Transformers sculptures built from old auto parts as well as scavenged garbage. However, a Japanese modeler has created one of the most realistic, working robot (that somewhat resembles Bumblebee) which actually starts out as a car and does gradually transforms into a humanoid robot!

Transformers model
Transformers model

Fitted with twenty-two servo motors, the Bumblebee model resembles the Transformers characters from the original animation series from the ‘80s that was based on a Volkswagen Beetle instead of the now-famous yellow-with-a-black-pinstripe Chevy Camaro. And, unlike most Bumblebee models out there, this one actually transforms from a car into a humanoid robot and back.

And the truly delightful thing about this model is that apart from the fascinating and easy-on-the-eye transformations, the thing even does little dances, thrusts its fists through the air and walks about. In Autobot mode, the Bumblebee reincarnation is just as fun as it is in the car mode. According to its maker, this is “Version 8” of the transforming Transformers model and a fresher “Version 9” is on its way.

Transformers modelJapanese man makes Transformers model

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