Fire truck converted into holiday camper with Victorian furnishings

Walter Micklethwait, a Scottish landowner, has given a 1954 auxiliary fire truck a rather interesting makeover. Complete with Victorian décor, the truck has been converted into a glamorous holiday RV that is fitted with a stove, cupboards, tables, chairs and even a bed. An unusual alternative to resort living, the old army truck-turned-posh holiday home was employed as an equipment carrier for fleet of fire trucks used by the Auxiliary Fire Service.

Walter Micklethwait truck hotel
Walter Micklethwait truck hotel

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Walter Micklethwait's Beer Moth truck hotel
Walter Micklethwait truck is a unique hotel converted from military vehicle

The 1954 Commer Q4 fire auxiliary truck was chosen by Micklethwait after a five-year long search and was driven from Kent to Scotland by its new owner. Since the truck is quite expensive to drive around, its owner decided to pimp it out and fit it with posh-looking Victorian décor so that it could be rented out to glampers, i.e., glamorous campers for whom a luxury suite is a necessity during a holiday.

Micklethwait used objects lying around the house in the truck including parquet flooring, various table and chairs from his own collection though the £1,400 canvas cover inset with windows cost him half as much the truck itself. An old snooker table’s slate was used to sit the Rayburn stove on.

The power for the lighting in the truck is provided from solar panels though the truck has no running water or a toilet. Nicknamed the Beer Moth, the posh camper sits in a remote corner of Micklethwait’s Inshriach estate in the Scottish Highlands and is open for visitors at GBP 450 a week.

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