Honda Jazz set for a makeover

There is immense speculation surrounding the launch of a new model of Honda Jazz. Several pictures are also doing the rounds on internet as the leaked pictures of the to be launched GenNext Honda Jazz. If rumors are to be believed, a complete revamp is in the offing when it comes to the exterior to position it better as a car meant for the youth than its current profile of being a family based car and a diesel variant may be launched as well. A redesigned front end with headlamps in a different shape from the current model and the design of the bumper in accordance to the overall look of the car may significantly enhance the appeal of this small car.

Honda Jazz
Honda Jazz

Emphasis on diesel variants and hybrid cars

In the recent times, diesel cars have become an important part of the repertoire of car manufacturers. This is because the rising petrol prices have led people to consider diesel vehicles as a viable long term alternative over petrol variants. Honda does not currently have a strong presence in the Indian diesel vehicles domain. Its sales from the diesel vehicles oriented segment comes primarily from its hatchback Brio and the popular sedan Honda City. Research is underway to design diesel engines for popular Honda cars.

The fuel efficiency of Honda's petrol variants makes it a popular choice when it comes to petrol run cars. A more fuel efficient petrol variant under Honda's EarthDreams technology initiatives may be launched in 2014. In keeping with the preference for diesel based cars, a diesel engine variant of Honda Jazz may also be rolled out having a 1.2 L i-DTEC engine. The northward movement of fuel prices has become a reality of our times. In such a scenario, a Honda Jazz hybrid also, can not be ruled out for 2014.

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