Maserati’s new mid-engined GranSport to take on Porsche 911

Maserati may have secured a loyal fan base with their time honored Quattroporte and GranTurismo model lines but that doesn’t mean that the engineers working for the Modenese automaker are not imaginative enough to give the world an entirely new breed of supercar. If rumors are to be believed, Maserati is all set to broaden its horizons with a 4C sports car that it is developing for Alfa Romeo its sister-company as well as a new SUV and a pair of new sedans.

Maserati's Porsche 911 rival
Maserati's Porsche 911 rival

So far, the automaker had no model lines that could rival the segment dominated by the Porsche 911 though it reports of the company planning a competitor for the model line had been circulating for quite a while. However, the GranSport model line is far from being a new invention since the moniker was used for the predecessor the current GranTurismo called the 4200 GT coupe. The new model is reported to be something more along the lined of the Audi R8 and is expected to be a mid-engined V8 supercar with the trademark Maserati touches of course.

If these reports emerging out of Italy are true, we might as well see a vehicle that could be a Ferrari 458 Italia doppelganger though the Trident marquee appears to be quite keen on ensuring that the vehicle does justice to the genre of the Italian mid-engined supercar with its sub-$200k price tag adding to its appeal.

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