Mercedes’ Porsche 911 rivaling SLC to hit India by 2015

Mercedes appears to be very, very determined to improve its position in Indian luxury auto market and is going in all guns blazing. Having already announced its plans to launch the third generation of the crossover M-class SUVs in India, the company has also revealed plans to launch its Porsche 911 rival the all-new SLC in the country within the next two years. Officials from Mercedes-Benz have confirmed reports that the vehicle has been developed in collaboration with AMG, Merc’s the performance car division and regular passenger car department and could be seen on Indian roads as soon as 2015.

Mercedes Benz SLC
Mercedes Benz SLC

Globally, the vehicle is expected to be priced around the $ 120,000 mark which means that it would be sold in India with a price tag of something close to or upwards of Rs 1 Crore. With a front mounted engine, the SLS is a two door sports car that is expected to be powered by a 450PS 5.5 liter petrol V8 engine or even a 4.0-liter V8 or V6 unit to keep costs down. The powertrain expected to be mated to paddle-shift fitted 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission to enable a sporty on-road handling to the machine.

With the SLC, Mercedes plans on providing some stiff competition to the basic 911 models instead of rivaling the whole line-up. Internationally, the Mercedes Benz SLC will go into production in 2014 and will be launched in the Indian market by the summer of 2015.

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