Mini One: From car to a piece of art

Dissembling a car to get to the core of its design and to build it again piece by piece into an admirable work of art is no child's play. Two Dutch designers have accomplished this feat with model Mini One and given shape to what is now termed the Colour One. The piece built from the entry level car by designers acclaimed for their furniture designs, Stephen Scholten and Carole Baijings, is now being showcased at an Italian furniture show, Salone del Mobile at the University of Milan. It will be on display there till the end of festival on 28th April.

Mini Art Car
Mini Art Car

The Mini One, a car that has made its presence felt many times at Art Basel, the famed contemporary art fair was dissembled and the parts were then constructed into an art piece to marvel at compatible car accessories. It is a rendition of the designers' creativity. The rally heritage of the car is depicted in an interesting manner. The seats and seat belts have given way to special fabric lining ultra performance auto parts. The doors are displayed separately from the main frame. The tires cast in resin blend in beautifully with the overall look of the designers' piece of art.

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Mini Art Car
Mini Art Car by Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings

It is not just the redesigned Mini One that is on display here but the whole process of dissembling and subsequent creative work undertaken has also been showcased. The photographs of the dissembling work give an idea of the work put in to complete the entire process. The paint and fabric samples of materials also get attention as these too are on display alongside to give everyone a sneak peek into the what and how of the process.

It is not the first time that Mini One has been used to give shape to a piece of art but then it won't be long before the car inspires another artist to weave magic. As the Mini, the organization that has BMW as its parent company, puts it, the car is the quintessential representation of the brand's style of designing.

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