Old golf cart now breaths as world’s smallest fire truck

They say where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and where there’s fire, and there are firemen and fire trucks. But I guess just like most other government agencies, fire departments too are looking at ways to lower their carbon footprint. At least that’s what the looks of the world’s smallest fire truck would seem to suggest. Caught on tape in Nobleton, Ontario, Canada, the legit fire truck was fashioned out of an old "people mover" golf cart and is even used by the local fire department in parades and to educate young kids about what the fire department actually does.

world's smallest fire truck
world's smallest fire truck

According to the firemen who use the truck to educate kids about their line of work, the tiny fire truck is a great educational tool and the kids absolutely love riding in it. Possibly a great way to keep real fire trucks ready for action without breaking little children’s hearts who want to ride in a fire truck, the golf cart fire truck is not really equipped to fight an actual fire though the converted truck can be used in a real emergency to ferry firemen through narrower streets and cramped inner city lanes. Perhaps fire departments in some of the world’s older cities should investigate the design for use in their nick of the woods.

world's smallest fire truckThis is how the world's smallest fire truck looks like

Via: Death and Taxes Mag/ Mandatory

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