Oreion Motors presents street legal Sand Reeper 4x4 UTV

Good news for those who like to take their motors to unexpected places and demand more flexibility from them in difficult terrains. Oreion Motors unveiled its model Reeper 4x4 UTV at SEMA 2011 this year and surprised its fans by launching the street legal auto in 49 states. Whether you’re going to the nearest store for milk and bread or running errands in the town, the Reeper promises better mileage and flexibility on the road. It is one those toys that you would like to ride when in the mood of playfulness and adventure. So next time if you’re planning for camping, you can take your Reeper with you to add more adventure to the trip.

2012 Oreion Motors Sand Reeper 4x4 UTV / SxS
2012 Oreion Motors Sand Reeper 4x4 UTV / SxS

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2012 Oreion Motors Sand Reeper 4x4 UTV / SxS
Sand Reeper 4x4 UTV / SxS Released by Oreion Motors

The gas-powered UTV takes care of your needs with accessories such as music player, winch and trailer hitch. Just like other all-terrain vehicles, its wheels have fully mechanical locking differential. Talking about the engine, the Reeper UTV is powered by Chevy 12 valve multi-port engine that delivers 39kw/600rpm. It gets its versatility and control from its 27-inch mud tires, each of them controlled by a disc brake. It comes with an option of four or five speed manual transmission, capable of delivering a torque of 70 Nm.

The electric starting engine is delivers 58 HP of power at a fuel efficiency of 40mpg, which is quite impressive. Other distinguishing features are locking entry doors, aluminum steering wheel, stainless steel brake lines, dual windshield wipers, a steel cage with luggage rack, full canvas enclosure and LED turn signal mirrors. The luggage rack at the back ensures you can take your essential stuff with you, while covering the stand up access engine.

So all you need to do is take someone with you on one of the two bucket seats in front and explore the roads that have never been traversed before. You need not be worried about the safety as it comes with a removable roof, protected side walls and doors. You can choose the Reeper of your choice, which is available in red, maroon, blue, orange, white and black colors. The vehicle is especially useful in restricted width trails and gives you the freedom to visit places you have always wanted to. You might have to book your Reeper in advance as there are few in production available with limited dealers. It has been priced at an affordable $13,995, that wouldn't dig a hole in your pocket.


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