Peugeot to develop Philippe Starck’s hybrid bike-scooter for bike sharing program in Bordeaux

Located on the south west of France, Bordeaux is a dream destination for tourists visiting Europe and the perfect utopian town for people who love the sun and like to lead more serene lives. The town is also known for its commitment to the environment, its bike-lanes that provide cyclists with the same respect as auto drivers and its strong bike sharing program.

Hybrid Bike-Scooter concept
Hybrid Bike-Scooter concept

The city of Bordeaux, however, is still not entirely satisfied with its bike-sharing programs and has roped in the services of French artist Philippe Starck to create a bike that respects the environmental and municipal concerns of the city and also one that respects the environmental and municipal concerns of the city and also reflects both the historicity as well as the modernity of the region.

Released to the press and the locals last Friday, the City PIBAL Streamer is basically a scooter and a bike compacted into one though the Bordelais (citizens of Bordeaux) are happy to have their very own custom-created public bike and no longer need to feel snubbed by metropolises like Paris and Copenhagen who got their own custom-created public bicycles a while ago.

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Hybrid Bike-Scooter concept
Designer Philippe Starck and the Mayor of Bordeaux have just unveiled a new bike/scooter concept

The bike-scooter hybrid comes with standard pedals and big yellow wheels that enable users to bike along as they would on any other bicycle. The platform placed in the middle of the step-through frame may seem a little eccentric for cyclists who are accustomed to simply leaving their feet on the pedals when they don’t need to, er, pedal the bike, but for younger users who are a lot more accustomed to riding scooters, this unique feature could be particularly attractive. The trendy bike also has a large basket in front to help users carry their shopping with them and should prompt more people to leave their cars at home the next time they need to pop out to buy groceries.

This new means of transportation is based on the novel idea that the unique characteristics of Bordeaux and the intelligent, constructive and varied responses of the Bordelais needed to be kept in mind when designing a bike especially for them. The citizens were asked how they felt about pedestrian areas and the ergonomic design was streamlined to meet the requirements expressed by the majority of the people. Bordeaux’s existing bike-sharing program will be supplemented by the new bike which will be manufactured by Peugeot. The city has been hard at work trying to promote cycling and limit car traffic and the new PMV is sure to boost the city’s two decade old bike-sharing program.

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