Regio Design's bike set to become world's largest motorcycle

Breaking world records is never an easy task. Not only do you need to have determination but tons of skill as well. Regio Design, builder of custom bikes, recently completed work on a project in an effort to bag the title of the world’s largest motorcycle. The functional bike weighs a massive 4,000 kg or 8,818 pounds and measures 10 meters in length and 5 meters in height. Last month, the monstrous bike completed a run of over 100 meters, which is a requirement in order to become a Guinness world record entry.

World’s Biggest Motorcycle
World’s Biggest Motorcycle

Some among you may be wondering why designers waste their time building something that isn’t truly functional for day-to-day life? For the creators, the challenge was to see if they could actually construct a functional bike that large, which could make people sit up and take notice as well as beat the current Guinness record of the biggest bike. The extra large chopper has been done up in a flaming red-orange shade and sports a finish that’s remarkably detailed. Other than the massive size, the bike could very well pass off for a normal chopper.

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World’s Biggest Motorcycle
This XXL chopper is built by Regio Design

Regio Design’s creation was unveiled at the 2012 Verona Motor Bike Expo to much enthusiasm. According to Fabio Reggiani, the brains behind the concept, the bike will make the current record holder’s motorcycle look like a mini two-wheeler. For comparison, Greg Dunham’s mega bike measures 3,429 meters in height, 6.187 meters in length and weighs 2.948 tons.

What we love about Regio’s project is that the bike not only looks real but is real. It uses a 5700 GM motor and tires over 2 meters in diameter which are normally used on wheel tractor-scrapers. Regio Design is eagerly waiting for the day when its project will be officially declared as the planet’s largest motorcycle. Till then, fans can take a trip to Lignano, Italy, to witness the monster creation at the 26th Biker Fest to be held from May 10th-13th.

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