Sneak Peek: 2013 Mercedes G65 AMG

Attention! Here's a fascinating news that will delight you for sure. The world's renowned automaker, Mercedes Benz, is about to unveil its new model in the AMG segment. Though the manufacturer is playing cards close to its heart, spy photographers have managed to capture photographs of this astonishing model. Mercedes' G65 AMG is essentially gonna be an off roader in essence; however, we need to wait for a few more days to know the official information from the manufacturer. Trustworthy sources have predicted that G65 AMG will make its debut either at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2012, or at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012. The specifications of the vehicle could be guessed more or less correct with the widespread rumors and with a little official information.

2013 Mercedes G65 AMG
2013 Mercedes G65 AMG

The Sneak peek

Earlier, it was suggested that Mercedes Benz is working on a new version of its G55 model. The spy photographers have substantiated the same. The latest news fascinates us because of the manufacturer's new addition to its AMG segment. G65 is expected to possess the conventional Internal Combustion Engine and a few other features similar to the manufacturer's successful S65 model. To everybody's surprise, it is said that Mercedes Benz will limit this model's production number to a mere 200 units. Definitely, G65 is going to create high demand from all over the world. News on the fuel economy is uncertain as of now, but if the manufacturer doesn't improves its fuel efficiency, every owner of this car will have to dig their own oil wells. Its explicit that expecting high mileage is quite difficult with our current technologies and resources; however, the vehicle should avert its owners from overlooking the bottom of their barrels.

Picture Gallery
2013 Mercedes G65 AMG
2013 Mercedes G65 AMG a 6.0-liter twin-turbo

First take

The fortunate talk is that the new Mercedes Benz G65 has been clicked. Surprisingly, the pictures of the car had nothing to hide. To be more literal, G65 didn't have an altered appearance when it was clicked. The car was captured as if you see it in any motor show. Kudos to the spy photographers! This quantum leap forward model was captured in Dubai, while it was undergoing a test drive to analyze its thermodynamics. In fact, certain sources reveal that there were 3 G65's in different paints during its rigorous tests. Some of the captured pictures were blurry because of the use of mobile cameras, which didn't had sophisticated features like Image Stabilization, shutter speed controls, etc. Information from the test area describes that G65 will equip a 6.0 liter V6 bi-turbo engine that could cruise up to 320km/hr. The credit for the car's spy photographs goes to '3rabcars'.


Automobile experts believe that the V6, 6.0 liter, bi-turbo engine will be the highlight of G65 AMG. The car will extract a power of about 612hp from its mind-boggling engine, which is very similar to that of the S65's. The revealed pictures of this car depict an aggressive look and possess a classic style. The car's external appearance creates a positive reception; even though its sharp definition lines on the front fascia and the rear quarters adds elegance to the vehicle, the vehicle might suffer from aerodynamic efficiency. For an off-roader like G65, aerodynamics won't be a major concern, yet the manufacturer has excellently played with the vehicle's design. The front grille looks simple and sturdy with its logo embossed in its center. To mention, Mercedes Benz had crafted its logo with perfect aerodynamics since its inception. The circular headlights are small, good-looking and pleasant. Astonishingly, the indicator lights are found on the hood, more or less above and behind the headlights. The side view mirrors not only look sharp and crispier, but also have optimum size and shape.

Rumor mill

The cost of G65 AMG is predicted to be about $326.500. The vehicle's ultra-powerful engine could deliver a stunning torque of 1000Nm. As already mentioned, G65 is expected to make its debut in the next year, probably by January or March. Auto experts have started criticizing the vehicle's fuel economy much before the test drive of its production model. As many auto shows have lined up for next year, we may expect some official information from the manufacturer itself, or at least an update. Above all, it is gonna be an honorary moment for Mercedes Benz to add another world-class model in its AMG segment. Apart from the leaked pictures, other information available are just a hearsay. As the famous quote says, "There is no smoke without fire", there must be something true behind every rumor.

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