simmINN Flight Simulation Center lets you experience piloting a Boeing 737

For aviation enthusiasts, piloting a Boeing 737 might be right up there with flying the fictional MiG-29s from Tom Cruise’s cult hit Top Gun. And now the Stuttgart, Germany-based simmINN Flight Simulation Center is offering folks the chance to experience piloting a Boeing 737. the innovation allows people to experience the thrill of flying one of the most coveted passenger planes in the world without having to pay for expensive flying schools and go through the processes of obtaining flying licenses and getting a job with an airline.

simmINN Flight Simulation Center
simmINN Flight Simulation Center

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simmINN Flight Simulation Center
simmINN Flight Simulation Center in Stuttgart, Germany

With a fully-functional Learjet 45x cockpit, simmINN Flight Simulation Center boasts of a full-size replica of Boeing 737 which of course never leaves the ground. The exterior of the plane allows people to take in the sheer scale of the magnificent airplane and really get into character for the simulation.

The simmINN Flight Simulation Center is open to the general public and people can easily book two-hour long flight simulations. The 260 square-feet center comes with all the details that makes it look like a real airport and the simulator offers piloting experiences like world- wide take-offs and landings simulations and live radio contact with the center’s ground control.

The cockpit also comes with an impressive 230-degree projection. The center is based the vicinity of the Stuttgart airport and its concept, interior and graphic design was created by Frankfurt-based architect Boris Banozic.

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