Things you should know before buying a second hand diesel car

Sometimes, buying a used car can be a wise option and at the same time it can also turn out to be a stupid one. Proper knowledge or experience will always help you to make a wise decision. If you don’t choose wisely, then you might end up with some junk in your garage. Proper knowledge about old diesel cars will help you get a good deal, save money and make you feel satisfied and happy.

Used diesel cars
Used diesel cars

A proper plan is required before purchasing an diesel old car

A proper planning is required before purchasing an old diesel car. Plan your budget first. Then decide the type of vehicle you want; for example, if you have a family of four, then you can go for a smaller car instead of SUVs. If you need it for more city use, then go for a small car which works well for city traffic and parking. Plan to get a car that will give you maximum mileage in your budget.

Always select a right and genuine car dealer

These days Toyota, Hyundai, Maruti etc. have their own authorized used car outlet. Pay a visit over there and checkout the deals. You can even go for a test drive. You can check their websites before and get phone numbers of your nearest location. Another thing you can do is find any car portal and the quotations of used cars. You can even Google and find the prices out. Newspapers and magazines are also a way of browsing different options available at your location.

Shortlist the cars and get reviews of them

Once you finalize your budget and requirements, shortlist your option and start reviewing of your options. Do a proper research. Online research is the best option. Get a closer view and get to know the old cars better.

Get detailed history of car

Get a detailed history of the old car. Check how many kilometers it has run. Find out the age of the care. If the car is more than three years old, then don’t consider it to buy unless and until its dead cheap. Find out how many times the car was owned by different people. Always go for a car that has only one owner. Always try to get the original documents of the car and check original registration certificate. Before you buy your car, always insist the owner to show you the registration certificate.

Check out the car's service history

This should give you some information regarding the performance, repairs and problems of the car. By checking the car's service history, you can get to know various details.

The car's condition should be properly checked

Inspect your car properly. Inspect both exterior and interior of the car. Try to find out if there were any serious accidents in the past. Check for rust on the car body. Find out if there is any oil leakage, dents and scratches. Inspect for dents on the bonnet. Front side accidents generally damage the bonnets causing dents. Check if the music player is in working condition or not and also check the seat covers.

Go for a test drive and get to know the old car better

Test drives help you to get the feeling of the car. It helps you to know the actual condition of the car. Check ignition of the car. Check if the car starts in first attempt or not. Check if the A/C works properly or not. Engines of diesel cars create a little noise. So if the engine makes any noise then simply avoid it.

Negotiate smartly and make the final deal

When you get satisfied with the car, then comes the moment to make a decision whether to buy it or not. Once you decide, then close the deal. Keep some margin for negotiations. Inquire about the market price of the car and accordingly pay to the owner. Start negotiating from cheapest amount. Before making a final decision, get the car checked by a qualified mechanic. It is always better to get an expert opinion. This is very useful, especially if you are buying a car for the first time. The owner will mostly be willing let you do the inspection. Complete all the legal formalities.

So after knowing the old car completely, buy it and make it yours. Modify your new car with some modifications and accessories. If you want, you can even repaint the car. Give it a fresh and new look and get ready to hit the road.

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