Vertical Bird: A cruise ship with a difference

Created by designer Bora Doker for the 2011T-Splines Design Contest, the Vertical Bird is an unconventional cruise ship concept. The cruiser is intended to appear more like an enormous Gigayacht though it is supposed to serve all the functions of a cruise ship. Standing 50 meters high from the sea level and 140 meter underwater, the 80 meter wide ship would have an overall length 170 meters. The vertical structure of the concept would allow visitors to take in all the beautiful scenery of the sea both from vantage points above the sea level as well as below the surface of the water.


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VERTICAL BIRD T-Splines Design Contest 2011

The cruise ship offers the ultimate panoramic views to observers to make them feel like they are walking or swimming in the sky thanks to a transparent pool at the top levels. Transparent floors also allow observers to appreciate the beauty of the water and marine life from levels below the sea level.

The path that the elevators pass through are formed using a panoramic glass which allows guests to view the landscape though the lifts. Using the same system used in sailing yacht’s rigging systems, the supportive masts of the Vertical Bird would help sustain a vertical angular body structure. The vertical mast construction would be positioned in the middle. Inside the angular body structure, a supportive mast would be braced with steel wires that would be attached to the horizontal underwater structure for balance.

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