VW Beetle gets souped up with turbocharged Subaru engine

What do you do when you need to get your classic ’73 Beetle driving on a more powerful engine because the new designs just don’t cut it with you? Head to Romania, or better yet, log on to a Romanian website called Webcar and get yourself a modified Bug that pushes 282 hp. That’s right, the beloved Beetle has been given a makeover and outputs a stunning 282 horsepower from the mere 44 hp it delivered back in the day.

Subaru powered VW Beetle
Subaru powered VW Beetle

In the ‘70s, the Beetle ran on a 1.3-liter air-cooled engine that could only produce 44 hp. Such days are over and with most modern vehicles delivering over a 100 horses these days, there’s no place for powerless four-wheelers anymore.

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Subaru pewered VW Beetle
Subaru powered VW Beetle is one hell of a roaring monster.

The upgraded Beetle was seen for sale on a Romanian car sale site and came to our attention for its sudden leap in power. Hard to imagine revving up the little Bug as you try to push it close to 300 horses thanks to a turbocharged Subaru WRX STi boxer engine. What we like is the fact that the Beetle hasn’t been overly tampered with. Aside from Porsche-sourced wheels, brakes and some accessories, the modders have tried to keep it as close to the original as possible.

There’s no word on the suspension so we’re hoping that the designers haven’t forgotten to replace the existing one with something far more superior. The upgraded car has found quite a large number of fans all eager to know what it feels like getting behind the wheel of a ‘70s vehicle with the power of modern technology. There’s a significant downside, however; the souped up Beetle sells for a whopping $79,500 which makes you sit up straighter. And, considering it isn’t even sold in the States, the VW Bug’s cost won’t cover the heavy import duty.

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