VW Beetle gets stunning filigreed makeover

Automobile designs closely the fashion of the times. Modern styles are sleeker than their counterparts of decades ago but there is a certain genre of fashion that aims to fuse futuristic looks with bygone settings. We’re talking about the artsy world of steampunk and its ability to lend funkiness to anything it’s applied to. Which is why a certain Volkswagen Beetle modifications following steampunk designs has caught our eye. Styled by Vrbanus of Croatia, the Bug looks fit for royalty and is supposedly made to order.

Steampunk Filigree VW Beetle
Steampunk Filigree VW Beetle

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to pick anything up on the Beetle’s specs so it’s merely a guess what mileage it delivers and even if it runs on a traditional Beetle engine. We also don’t know when it was made and how much it would even cost to make. Vrbanus, a metal-art workshop, has tastefully managed to fuse the classic quality of the beloved Bug with the imagination of steampunk fashion. Founded in 1981, the firm has been bridging unique styles to create very interesting works of art.

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Steampunk Filigree VW Beetle
Iron VW Beetle by MG Verbanus

An intricate wrought iron frame rests on the Beetle’s body with motifs of flowers and leaves complemented by swirling lines. 24 karat gold plated pieces adorn this filigreed neo-Victorian masterpiece which can be used for grand weddings and galas or just as a showpiece. The functional art on wheels was painstakingly crafted in 2,800 hours by hand.

The metal-art workshop has involved itself in creating a variety of ‘iron lace’ type pieces. A visit to the firm’s site will reveal products like a beautiful Victorian metal dress, a tourist train that will take you back to another era with its detailed metal work, and an array of smaller artistic pieces. And, while Vrbanus is primarily involved in metal art, it does undertake other projects like producing stamps, keys, banners and advertising plates.

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