Zotye introduces China's cheapest car

When Tata Motors launched the Nano back in 2009, there was much celebration as here was a car that almost every modest income family could afford. True, it wasn’t the best looking nor the most powerful, but at little over Rs 1 lakh, what much could you expect? The Nano has come to be known as a vehicle that’s based on innovative ideas and technology owing to its affordable state and fuel efficiency. Now, however, an automaker in China has introduced what it claims to be the country’s cheapest car. Named the Zotye Z100, the vehicle has been developed by Zotye Auto and borrows styling cues from Suzuki’s popular Alto model.

Zotye Z100
Zotye Z100

The Jiangnan TT is presently the cheapest vehicle in China. It’s also based on the old models of the Alto in terms of design. There’s no word on whether the Z100 is meant to be a replacement for the TT and we’ll just to wait for more news. Incidentally, Jiangnan, the subsidiary of Zotye is licensed to produce the old Alto models. Zotye itself hasn’t received a license from Suzuki to manufacture the current Alto. That task is given to Chang’an-Suzuki, a joint venture, which means that Zotye has illegally copied the design of the new Alto.

The Z100 is surprisingly very good looking for its price which is pegged between 23,800 Yuan and 25,800 Yuan. Compared to the Nano, it’s far more upscale in appearance. The affordable car runs on a 1.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that delivers about 56 hp. Not bad compared to the Nano that churns out 35 hp. Incidentally, the Z100’s engine is also the same that’s used in higher-end models of the TT.

The interior is pretty basic though it does come equipped with a CD player. There’s no word on the other specs such as top speed or mpg so we’ll have to wait for updates from Zotye.

Via: Carnewschina/Autohome

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