Are Electric Motorcycles Worth it?

Over the past few years, the world has changed in so many ways and it just keeps moving faster. Electric vehicles aren’t exactly new but it was recently when they’ve been getting more and more popular and in demand. This isn’t just because more and more people are buying them. There is a more important reason behind this, and it seems to be that electric vehicles are actually better than the others.

There is more than one reason why it is the way it is, and this article will focus on exploring whether electric motorcycles are actually better than the others. We will cover a few of the most important features when it comes to owning and riding a motorcycle. This will conclude which is better and more worthwhile regarding expense, comfort, and many other features.


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Anyone who is a little bit enthusiastic about motorcycles definitely worries about power. You wouldn’t want one that barely has enough power to drag you up a hill. Even though most of the decent brands offer great power and torque, there is no denying that electric is simply better in this area. The same can be said for electric cars as well, as many of the top electric car brands out there can’t even compare with gas-powered cars in this area.

In gas bikes, the engine needs a bit more time and more RPMs to gather more power. In electric motorcycles, you get instant torque and power easily from 0 RPM. That’s always a plus for someone who wants a clean and extremely fast start. This is one feature that usually makes or breaks a deal when it comes to buying a motorcycle. Regarding torque and power, the electric model is a clear winner.


Buying an electric motorcycle won’t mean you will never have to worry about maintenance. Sure, there are a couple of benefits here as well but because they are relatively new, it’s uncertain what sort of maintenance you will have to do in the following years. But for now, we know that you won’t have to worry about changing oil and oil filters, replacing or cleaning greasy parts, valve clearance, and more.

However, electric motorcycles require maintenance as well. If it’s new, you probably won’t have to worry that much in the beginning. But, the battery does die out and gets worse over time, so replacing batteries is one thing you have to keep in mind. Depending on the quality of the battery, they can be a bit expensive.


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Most of those who are transitioning from gas vehicles to electric will probably tell you that electric does have its benefits. Of course, it always depends on personal preference and taste. Maybe you simply enjoy the sound your gas motorcycle makes and it fulfills you. If that’s the case, then an electric one will definitely not satisfy you. However, the electric motorcycle is known to be more comfortable in more than one way.

No Burning Exhaust Pipe

One of the best things about these types of bikes is that they don’t have a smelly and burning hot exhaust pipe that most of us have probably felt with our legs once or twice. With an electric one, you can say goodbye to burning your legs from now on.

No Vibrations

Newer motorcycles might be better, but the older ones that run on gas tend to really shake things up. You can feel your entire body shake from the vibrations they can produce. This might not be a problem at first, but this can cause a few health issues in the long run. Electric motorcycles eliminate this almost entirely, as the engine doesn’t force the vehicle to vibrate.

They’re Better for Cities

Among the many benefits an electric motorcycle can offer, riding in the city is one of the better ones. First of all, most of these types of bikes are automatic, meaning you don’t have to change gears every minute at each stoplight. However, if you do prefer this, there are manual ones available for purchase as well.

Another thing to mention is that they don’t make any noise and don’t emit harmful gases. This makes it a lot more convenient for densely populated cities, as both you and the others benefit from the reduced noise and emission.


We can’t deny that many vehicles require a tune-up once in a while. With motorcycles, the ideal amount is once every 6 months or twice a year. Electric motorcycles differ a lot in this area as well. They do need to be checked for maintenance, but tuning is as simple as installing the latest update in this case.

Electric motorcycles come with their own software and apps. When a new feature is created, you simply download it and you’re good to go. Now, this won’t make your bike double its speed, but it’s a nice way to keep its system up to date.


Price and later expenses are some of the most significant factors when it comes to buying almost anything. We want to know what we’re getting ourselves into and how much we’re paying for it. This is completely natural.

As with any product, there are more expensive and cheaper options out there. Electric motorcycles are relatively new, so you won’t be able to find extremely cheap models or used ones easily. The initial cost will almost always be more expensive than buying a gas motorcycle.

However, in the long run, electric motorcycles will benefit you more. They don’t have as many parts to replace, the parts they do have rarely give out, they don’t require oil changes or anything like that. The one thing you might have trouble with is only the battery. But, it will take a while for it to lose efficiency as well.

Key Takeaways

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So, what have we learned by examining a few of the key factors when it comes to electric and gas-powered motorcycles? The first thing you need to consider is your own personal preference. Nothing is important unless you simply adore the bike you’re getting. After that, take into consideration all of the things we discussed here. Comfort, maintenance, and expense are definitely worth keeping in mind before purchasing.

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