The Best Clay Bars in 2023

It’s not an uncommon fact that many drivers don’t want their vehicle looking old, with scratches, or having a messy paint job. There are a couple of things that can help better the outside condition of your car such as spray wax, or any other type of wax for that matter, but the first thing you should do is clean the paint from all imperfections with a clay bar.

It doesn’t take a genius to pick out the best clay bar out there, and this buyer’s guide is going to make sure you have all the necessary knowledge to know what’s right. On top of that, we’ve made the job a lot easier for you by listing a few of the best ones currently on the market. Enjoy our picks and have fun learning along the way.

mothers california gold clay bar system original
  • Two 100g Clay Bars
  • 1 16-Ounce Detailer Spray
  • 16” by 16” Microfiber Towel

To make sure we start things off perfectly, we have one of the most affordable clay bar kits that includes a lot of goodies for you to get excited about. First of all, you have the main attraction, two 100-gram clay bars that feel just right to the touch. Then, there is a 16-ounce bottle of Mothers California clay bar lubricant that’s here to make sure your paint looks as glossy and shiny as ever.

These are two of the main things you should be looking forward to, but they have also added a nice bonus microfiber towel to perfect the process and leave things off silky smooth, and clean. Now, let’s get to the benefits. What this clay bar kit will do for you is ensure that your car looks clean. It removes embedded grains of metal, tree sap, paint overspray, and similar contaminants. You are free to use it on all types of paints including clearcoats.

The price for this amazing kit is simply something to wonder about, as you are probably going to find it quite attractive, such as many of its other owners. Make sure you apply it regularly and your car will most definitely thank you.

Chemical Guys CLY_113 OG Clay Bar & Lubber

The Perfect 2-in-1 Clay Bar Kit

chemical guys cly 113 og clay bar and lubber
  • Flex Clay Technology
  • Long-Lasting Effects
  • Synthetic Spray Lube

Don’t think that a fan favorite like Chemical Guys will manage to slip from our list of a few of the best clay bars out there, as they have a wonderful pick to check out. This is a set of one OG clay bar and a 16-ounce bottle of clay super lube.

First, let’s focus on the clay bar. It’s made with flex clay technology and does the job of removing contaminants, debris, overspray, and things like that perfectly. You can feel free knowing it’s safe to use on surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, carbon fiber, and similar. As for the spray lube, this is going to be a very handy bonus that will complement the clay bar quite nicely. It’s a synthetic lubricant that will reduce friction and extend the bar’s life, making sure nothing goes to waste, and the job goes much more smoothly.

The price is relatively nothing to complain about as you get two amazing items that are going to save you a lot of time and hassle. If you want your car to have a smooth feel and get a handy spray lube that will be your clay bar’s best friend, then you know what to do.

Griot’s Garage Paint Cleaning Clay

A Clay Bar for The Pros

griots garage paint cleaning clay
  • 8-Ounce Container
  • Excellent Quality
  • Works on Various Surfaces
  • Excellent Storage Container

If you thought our first choice included the most affordable pick, wait until you see this one. Although this is not a clay bar kit, Griot’s Garage offers an 8-ounce clay bar, which is around 220 grams. This is more than double the average clay bars we’ve seen here at almost the same price. That’s affordable!

So, why do many prefer this one? Well, for starters, it does its job better than many out there. It’s one of the best clay bars for detailing, making sure you’re prepared for the waxing process that comes after. It depends on what you’re used to, but it might prove a bit challenging to work with for some while it will be a lot easier for others. This one doesn’t come in the same form as many of the standard ones, so keep that in mind before deciding.

The main thing you need to know about it is that it will get the job done. Your car will be completely clean from things like tree sap, bird droppings, and almost all harmful contaminants that may destroy your paint.

Meguiar’s Smooth Surface XL Clay Kit

An Amazing Clay Bar Kit With a Superior Finish

meguiars smooth surface xl clay kit
  • Three 80g Clay Bars
  • 1 Detailer Lubricant
  • Non-Abrasive Clay Bars
  • Smooth as Glass Finish

This is another rewarding kit that offers more than just a clay bar to make your car squeaky clean. The reason this is one of the best clay bar kits out there is that it comes with quite a few surprises. For starters, you get not one, not two, but three 80-gram Meguiar clay bars, an excellent microfiber towel, and a great detailer for clay lubricant.

You’ll start seeing its effects relatively quickly after you put it to use as its non-abrasive features ensure excellent work on most surfaces, including clear coats. Basically, this clay bar kit has everything you need to get the job done perfectly and ensure a long life for your clay bars, thanks to the quick detailer lubricant.

It might be unfortunate for some, but you will find that this one is a bit higher on the price list. But as far as drawbacks go, that seems to be the only one. So, if you can afford it, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t go wrong here.

Mothers Speed Clay 2.0

One of the Most Unique Clay Bars Ever

mothers speed clay 2 0
  • Patented Technology
  • Rubber Polymer Construction
  • Ergonomic
  • Reusable for up to 20 Vehicles

Here is a bit of a unique-looking one you get to see on this list. This clay bar is by Mothers Speed and it’s not a set of clay bars like a few of the other picks here but it’s definitely one to be amazed by.

Why is it so unique? Well, you can see even from it’s design that it’s nothing like the others. In fact, it doesn’t even look like a clay bar at first glance. It’s designed so that it’s easier to hold as you can see from its surface. This one can be reused and can handle up to 20 vehicles before it wears out. That sure is a lot of cleaning for a few dollars.

One more thing to add to its uniqueness is the fact that it’s made using their own patented rubber polymer technology. You can say goodbye to paint overspray, tree sap, bird droppings, dust, water spots, and anything else, for that matter.

Meguiar’s C2000 Mirror Glaze Detailing Clay

The Best Professional Clay Bar

meguiars c2000 mirror glaze detailing clay
  • 200g Clay Bar
  • Non-Abrasive
  • Versatile
  • Mirror-Like Finish

Are you looking for both quantity and quality when it comes to clay bars? Meguiar pops up again on our list of the best car clay bars and delivers a truly amazing product once again.

This is a 230-gram container of high-quality clay bar that you will definitely want to check out. You’ll find that most of the products on this list are non-abrasive, meaning they are completely safe to be applied on a variety of surfaces, including clear coats. So is this one. It makes sure to remove all contaminants from the surface and apply an amazing mirror-like finish.

As with most of the clay bars, it’s always best to apply a lubricant before you use it for maximum efficiency and performance. You can see all the amazing benefits from this one which is why the price is a bit high compared to many others. Other than that, you’re looking at a pretty amazing clay bar by Meguiar.

Adam’s Fine Grade Clay Bar Kit

One of the Softest Ultra Fine Grade Clay Bars

adams fine grade clay bar kit
  • Ultra Fine Grade Material
  • Two 100g Clay Bars
  • 1 Storage Jar Included
  • Very Soft

Adam’s fine grade clay bar kit includes 2 very soft and efficient clay bars, each measuring 100 grams. They come in a nice little jar that can be used for storing and then recycled for other purposes around the house. The choice is totally up to you.

One of its best features is the fact that it’s probably one of the softest clay bars we’ve seen on this list. It’s made from ultra-fine grade material, making sure your car is left clean and contaminant-free. It’s durable enough to be used repeatedly, although it might not be as durable as a few of the other choices you’ve seen here.

It’s one of the best picks when it comes to light usage as it gets most jobs done quickly and with amazing results. It stands at a very attractive price, making it an amazing choice for all.

MATCC Car Clay Bar

A Set of Three Premium Grade Clay Bars

matcc car clay bar
  • Three 100g Clay Bars
  • 1 Storage Jar
  • Excellent Pliability
  • Thick Texture
  • Premium Grade

The next set of clay bars features three soft 100-gram premium grade clay bars. These are pretty soft to the touch but are also elastic enough to be stretched so that the job can go a bit faster, as they cover more surface area. On top of being versatile and comfortable, they’re also not extremely delicate so that they would stick to your hand or the surface of your car.

They are also good to be reused a couple of times before they wear out, just make sure you dry them out naturally before storing them in the plastic wrap or the container that comes with them. The jar perfectly fits three of these bars without a problem. There will be no residue left after you’re done and your car will be completely ready for waxing and polishing.

For a set of three amazing clay bars and a perfectly good jar, you won’t believe the price they stand at. It’s an amazing deal to consider so don’t hesitate about this one.

TAKAVU Car Clay Bar

One of the Best Premium Grade Medium Clay Bars

takavu car clay bar
  • Two 100g Clay Bars
  • Premium Grade
  • 1 Plastic Container
  • Super Soft
  • Ultra-Fine Grade

This is the last product on our list and you will quickly find out that it is nowhere near the least. The set features a plastic container with two 100-gram red clay bars. Much like the previous choice, these are also premium grade, meaning the cleaning process will be much more rewardable.

They’re made from ultra-fine grade material, as these clay bars are designed to go for the tiniest particles, making sure your car is cleaned to perfection before waxing or polishing. It’s perfectly safe to be used on most surfaces, including windshields, plastic, glass, metal, and more.

It can handle removing most common contaminants such as brake dust, fallout, tree sap, hard water spots, and more. Consider this one if you want premium-grade clay bars at an amazing price.

How to Choose a Clay Bar

First of all, do you even know why you need a clay bar in the first place? Well, this specially designed tool is an engineered resin compound that helps remove any harmful contaminants from the surface of your car efficiently.

They can’t be just washed away with water as that’s one of the ways they get there in the first place. So, a decent clay bar such as any one of the choices above will make sure to get rid of these harmful contaminants that pierce through the surface of the paint. So, before deciding, what do you really need to know in order to make the right decision and get yourself one of the best clay bars for cars out there?

Clay Bar Grade

There are three main grades of clay bar you need to put into consideration when buying. Let’s list all of them and discuss what you need to know about each.


The name itself should state the purpose of this type of clay bar. It’s mainly used when there isn’t much contamination and less cleaning is required. These types are generally way softer and are perfect when you don’t need to do a lot of work. Because of this, they can be a bit cheaper.


The medium ones are a bit more aggressive than the previous type, as they will do a better job at removing more stubborn contaminants and particles. A nice tip would be to always polish afterward as this is a bit heavier and more aggressive type of clay bar and will leave the surface in need of polishing so something like a car buffer might come in handy here. That’s simply part of the process and it’s nothing to worry about.


The last type of clay bar is the heavy grade one. These aren’t really recommended for beginners as they can do more harm than good if you don’t know what you’re doing or if you don’t really need to use one. They are to be used only in more serious cases when you need to remove things like overspray or extremely stubborn contaminants and debris.

Do You Need a Clay Bar Lube?

The answer to this isn’t as obvious as it seems as I didn’t even know that a lubricant for clay bars excited at first. But now, it’s the same as asking if you need something like a dent puller to fix a dent in your car. The answer is yes, you should always use an appropriate clay bar lubricant if you want things to go smoothly and without trouble. The lube extends the life of your clay bar and makes sure the job is over quickly and efficiently.

Check The Facts

One more thing you always need to consider is checking whether the clay bar you’re getting is safe to use on various materials. Most are, but some don’t go well on things like clear coats and similar surfaces. It’s always a wise choice to check before you end up doing more harm than good. The description of the product usually tells you this and you can check the facts for each of the products we’ve described above.


That’s pretty much all you need to know about clay bars. It’s not that complicated to find the perfect clay bar, as all you have to do is know what you’re looking for. You don’t have to get a specific one depending on the paint of your car like it is when buying wax for back cars specifically, as this factor is not important in this case.

There are plenty of other tips you can learn on how to use a clay bar along the way, but all you need to know for now is how to choose a clay bar. Consider how damaged the paint is and get the appropriate grade clay bar. Keep in mind to check if it’s good to go for most surface types and materials, and that’s pretty much it. Oh, and don’t forget the clay bar lubricant.

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