The Best Oil Drain Pans in 2023

A good oil drain pan is a pretty nifty tool for when it’s time to change the oil again. So, if you’ve decided to change the oil on your car or another vehicle, then you’re going to need a few tools to make sure the job goes smoothly and mess-free. This list of helpful tools includes finding one of the best oil draining pans you can, a pretty decent oil filter wrench, some latex gloves, a funnel, and in most cases, a sturdy and durable jack.

We mentioned the oil drain pan first, right? Well, in that case, this is going to be a list of a few of the most popular oil drain pans you can find out there. You’re going to have a look at what makes them the best, learn their key features, pros and cons to make your decision easier, and a buying guide that will teach you all you need to know about finding the perfect oil draining pan just for you.

lumax lx 1632 15 quart drainmaster drain pan
  • 15-Quart Capacity
  • Drain Direct
  • 8” Opening 
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • O-Ring Seal

The first choice that’ll be introducing you to the list offers four excellent benefits and many more satisfying features. It’s a 4 in 1 model because it provides the best experience regarding draining, storing, transporting, and disposing of the oil.

Aside from offering such easy usage, this drain pan also comes with some pretty impressive features as well. For instance, it provides a 15-quart capacity, which is more than most could ask for. Its construction is a heavy-duty one, meaning it will last longer and handle most accidents with ease. And the large 8” opening offers plenty of space to experience a mess-free oil draining operation.

Now, when I heard these cool features, I thought its price would be through the roof, but, to my surprise, it simply wasn’t the case. This fantastic tool comes at a relatively acceptable cost and is here to stay and serve for as long as you need it.

Hopkins FloTool 42003MI 16-Quart Drain Container

One of the Best-Designed Oil Drain Pans

hopkins flotool 42003mi 16 quart drain container
  • 16-Quart Capacity
  • Integrated Handle
  • Made in the USA
  • Extended Design

Coming up next is another oil drain pan that also serves as a container. This one is slightly different from the first one we reviewed, as instead of an opening cap, it offers a slightly recessed area that collects the drained oil and then slides it through the tiny cap inside the container. I think the design on this one is what got it on this list.

With this pan, you won’t have to worry about leaking, making messes, or disposing of the stored oil. As I mentioned, it has one of the best designs out there and offers a delightful experience. It has a great handle that makes transporting it easy, and one of the main things it focuses on is providing a mess-free experience.

Another one of the most important features to know before purchasing is the price. That’s also another thing you won’t have to worry about here, as you’ll probably be entirely happy with how much it costs. Overall, it’s hard not to love this one as it has all you need to complete a successful and mess-free oil change.

Capri Tools CP21023 Portable Oil Drain Pan Anti-Freeze

One of the Best Oil Drain Pans That Prevents Splashing

capri tools cp21023 portable oil drain pan anti freeze
  • 16 Liters Capacity
  • 1” Spout
  • Anti-Splash Lip
  • Convenient Handle
  • High-Density Polyethylene Construction

When it comes to impressive features, reasonable prices, and top-quality experiences, this oil drain pan by Capri Tools is what you might be looking for. Unlike the previous ones, this one does not offer a storing feature, but it makes up for it in many other areas.

For example, Capri Tools’ oil drain pan is one of the best out there because its polyethylene construction allows easy cleaning and makes it resistant to most chemicals and solvents. It has a 1” spout that lets you dispose of the drained oil with ease, and it also features an anti-splash lip, making this drain pan spill and splash-proof.

It might come at a bit higher price than many other lesser-quality pans out there, but it’s nothing too expensive considering the deal you’re getting. Think about this choice if you want a fast, clean, and spill-free oil changing experience.

ATD Tools 5184 Black Drain Pan

One of the Most Convenient Oil Drain Pans Ever

atd tools 5184 black drain pan
  • 18-Quart Capacity
  • Large Spout
  • Very Convenient Handles
  • Anti-Splash Lip
  • 6” Deep and 15.25” Wide

ATD Tools offers one of the best oil drain pans out there that has a straightforward design with many convenient features. For example, its spout is one of the features this pan’s owners enjoy the most as it allows for a very easy disposal process.

On top of that, this pan’s capacity is 18 quarts, and it measures 6” in depth. Its handle design is also very convenient as it allows you to grab the pan securely on both sides to make sure no spills occur. Same as many of the best-rated oil drain pans out there, this one also features an anti-splash lip and generally offers an excellent experience without any added complications.

It’s also not among the cheapest on the market, but it’s still not a massive sum of money for an oil drain pan. The price is perfectly acceptable, considering the added convenience and quality you’re getting with this choice.

TCMT Universal Low Profile Oil Drain Pan

The Best Motorcycle Oil Drain Pan Around

tcmt universal low profile oil drain pan
  • Made Out of ABS Plastic
  • Large Handle 
  • Perfect for Most Motorcycles
  • 10-Quart Capacity

This oil drain pan is meant for usage with low vehicles. It’s ideal for draining the oil from motorcycles as it’s a perfect fit for most Harley Davidson models, for all Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and many other brands out there.

It has a unique and elegant design, as instead of featuring a big cap for pouring the oil in, it features a small one and a sliding basin that pours everything inside neatly and without any splashes. The handle allows for convenience when carrying the container, and the whole thing is durable enough to handle your oil changing needs for quite a while.

It’s made out of ABS, and you won’t find or need another universal oil draining pan that will provide more satisfaction and convenience than this one. The only slight downside might be the drain plug’s awkward placement, but it shouldn’t present much of a problem if you’re careful when draining the oil.

OEM TOOLS 87017 Low Profile Oil Drain Pan

A Very Compact and Affordable Oil Drain Pan

oem tools 87017 low profile oil drain pan
  • 2.8-Quart Capacity
  • Chemical Resistant Plastic Construction
  • Goose-Shaped Neck
  • Low Profile

This is another low profile pan with significantly less capacity than a few others on this list, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, specific jobs and vehicles mean you will have less oil to drain. So, why spend a lot of extra cash on a bigger one you won’t need?

This small but handy oil drain pan offers a 2.8-quart capacity and construction made from heavy-duty, chemical-resistant plastic. This means you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. For a pan that small, it has a large enough opening to be useful for most jobs and is very easy to stick into tighter places thanks to its long and thin neck.

Overall, you can rest assured knowing that this one has all it takes to do the job it’s built for, and it won’t break the bank while doing so. If you don’t need the extra capacity, this choice will most definitely be a great one.

Lisle 11102 Oil Lift Drain

The Ultimate Oil Drain Pan for Pros

lisle 11102 oil lift drain
  • 32-Quart Capacity
  • 15” Funnel
  • Heavy-Duty Adjustment Clamp
  • 4 Wheels
  • Large Handle

Behold, an 8-gallon oil drain pan that will make sure you never go looking for another one during the rest of your oil changing days. This is a universal fit pan with a few extra features that make it hard to resist.

For starters, it’s the only choice on this list that actually has wheels on it. But that’s not nearly all there is. On top of having wheels, this one can fit 8 gallons of oil, it features a funnel, a bottom and top tube, a tube lock ring, a tube clamp, and an ideal spout.

To be a bit more precise, this is actually called an oil lift drain and is perfect for professionals who can lift the car up in the air, making their job a lot easier. This oil lift drain might come with a higher price, but it’s something that offers a next-level experience and many more benefits than even the best oil drain pans out there.

How to Choose an Oil Drain Pan

You probably know what to look for by checking out a few of the choices listed here. However, it’s always best to learn what you are buying and what you’re looking for in particular. The same goes for purchasing other items such as oil filters, engine oil stop leaks, etc.

Why Do You Need an Oil Drain Pan?

It’s relatively easy to say that you don’t need an oil drain pan until you’ve actually used one and seen how much easier and cleaner the job becomes. Instead of using an old cake pan and splashing oil all around the place, simply try out this tool and see what something explicitly made for draining oil can do for you. It won’t matter whether you’re draining conventional or synthetic motor oil as long as you follow the instructions I’m about to tell you.

Pan Type

There are two basic types of oil drain pans you need to be on the lookout for. There are ones that store the oil and serve as containers, and others that only collect it as a simple pan. Consider what will be most useful for you, and don’t forget about your budget, as these two types may vary in price.

Pan Size

I know it’s obvious, but you still need to keep in mind and never forget this step. It’s important to remember this because you need to measure in advance. Don’t just get a bigger pan, pay more money, and still end up guessing wrong. Simply keep in mind how much oil your vehicle has to drain and choose accordingly.

What’s It Made Of?

When searching for the best oil drain pan for you, another crucial thing you need to be aware of is the material it’s made of. Some materials are easier to clean, and those are the ones you need to search for. Keep in mind that engines that use diesel oil will require more frequent changes. If that’s the case with you, then the oil drain pan that’s easiest to clean will be perfect.


This is not that crucial for the draining part, but it will add more convenience if there is a decent spout so that your job of emptying the pan will be much cleaner and more manageable. Consider this one as an extra when looking for a pan that will make your job of changing the oil a bit easier.


Overall, these are a few things to keep in mind for making sure that you walk away with the best oil drain pan that you can find. You might not meet all of the requirements shown here considering your budget and luck, but the more you meet, the better you will be off. Remember, routine car maintenance is a must if you want to keep your vehicle running smoothly for a long time.

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