The Best Engine Oil Stop Leaks in 2023

Everyone who has ever bought a car has come to terms with the fact that, at one point or another, there will be a few problems down the road. If you’ve come across an engine oil leak, you should consider yourself lucky as this is a minor problem that is rather easy and simple to fix. It can be repaired by simply choosing between a few of the best engine oil stop leaks out there and this list is going to show you a few that you would be wise to consider.

After checking out our top picks, just below them, you will find a buyer’s guide that has all the information you need to successfully purchase a great engine oil stop leak that will make sure it’s right for your specific case. There is no single best oil stop leak fluid, it’s simply a matter of knowing its strengths and weaknesses and seeing if it’s to your advantage for your specific vehicle.

atp at 205 re seal stops leaks
  • 8-Ounce Bottle
  • Doesn’t Contain Petroleum Distillates
  • Treats a 6-Quart Oil Capacity
  • Rejuvenates Seals

The lucky brand that will be starting this list off is ATP Automotive. Their oil stop leak additive has gotten some very assuring reviews and is known as one of the best engine oil stop leaks out there. So, why is that?

Well, ATP’s 205 is an oil stop leak that offers a lot of freedom, as it works on both gas and diesel engines and offers compatibility with a wide range of oils, including conventional oils, synthetic, gear oil, ATF, hydraulic oil, and more. It works rather fast, as there is a noticeable difference between this one and a few other brands in performance speed.

A few other things to keep in mind about this one is that it doesn’t contain petroleum distillates and is very unlikely to over-swell. One 8-oz bottle of the ATP 205 engine oil stop leak will satisfy a 6-quart oil capacity and will most likely work like a charm.

Lucas Oil 10278 Engine Oil Stop Leak

An Engine Oil Stop Leak on Steroids

lucas oil 10278 engine oil stop leak
  • Compatible with Petroleum, Semi-Synthetic, and Fully Synthetic Oils
  • 1-Quart Capacity
  • Doesn’t Contain Harmful Solvents

Lucas Oil has managed to create an engine oil stop leak that has the power of giving your car a boost in performance, to seal most leaks like a piece of cake, and to reduce engine noise at the same time. It’s the steroid supplement for cars that have an engine oil leak problem.

You might find that this one is among the most expensive ones on our list but it’s not without a good reason. One bottle of this oil stop leak is only good for one-quart capacity but it definitely makes up for that in other areas. As mentioned, it actually reduces engine noise and also makes sure to slightly reduce oil consumption. This can be considered as a smart investment.

While all of this is going on, this oil stop leak raises oil pressure which also adds a performance boost to your engine. Overall, it might be a bit more expensive but if you like the features listed here, then it’s more than worth it.

Liqui Moly 1005 Oil Leak Stop

One of the Best Engine Oil Stop Leaks for Modern Vehicles

liqui moly 1005 oil leak stop
  • 300ml Container
  • Prevents Blue Smoke Emission
  • Sealing Starts after 600km
  • Suitable for All Gas and Diesel Engines

The Liqui Moly is another amazing engine oil stop leak that offers more benefits than just stopping leaks. This is a 300ml container that packs quite a punch for making sure the oil leak is fixed and improving the performance of your vehicle at the same time.

It prevents the emission of blue smoke from some engines, reduces the engine noise slightly, and also reduces oil consumption as well. These are all amazing features that come at a pretty reasonable price. It also works on both gasoline and synthetic oil motors and the sealing action will typically begin working after 600 to 800km (372 to 497 miles).

Just so you know, this one will not work for motorcycles with wet clutches. Keep this in mind before purchasing too quickly if that’s the case.

BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak

One of the Safest Engine Oil Stop Leaks Ever

bluedevil oil stop leak
  • Treats 4-6 Quarts of Oil
  • Works on Both Gas and Diesel Engines
  • Doesn’t Include Petroleum Distillates

The BlueDevil oil stop leak offers a bit of uniqueness to the table as some of its features make it stand out. What this manufacturer wants you to know is that this additive will either work superbly or not at all. But wait, don’t let this discourage you and make you skip out on possibly the best offer here.

One of the many cool features about this engine oil stop leak additive is that it has the power to permanently repair cracked or shrunken seals. It will work most of the time on gas and diesel engines but keep in mind that combining it with synthetic oils might not be the best of ideas.

It comes in the mid-ranged price area and it’s definitely worth trying out as the results might nicely surprise you. It’s also worth mentioning that BlueDevil is safe for the environment and there’s no danger of causing serious health problems if any accidents should occur.

Bar’s Leaks 1000 Engine Repair

The Most Affordable Engine Oil Stop Leak

bar's leaks 1000 engine repair
  • 16-Ounce Container
  • Dual Action Formula
  • Mild Skin Irritant
  • Compatible with All Engine Oil Types

Bar’s Leaks specialize in this sort of work and it’s quite easy to say that they may have one of the best engine oil stop leak additives ever. This particular one offers a series of beneficial features that make it hard to believe when you see the price.

First of all, this is an oil stop leak and it does this job wonderfully. In addition, it also helps clean certain internal parts, reduces the amount of oil being consumed, slightly lowers the noise of your engine, and also reduces friction. This is a 16-ounce bottle and it’s safe to use the entire thing at once. You’ll start seeing the benefits relatively quickly as it will reduce smoke, noise, and stop leaks.

If you like all of the added benefits on top of stopping leaks, which is what it’s made for in the first place, then you are definitely going to love the price as it’s one of the most attractive on this list.

Hapco Products – Pro-Seal

Oil Stop Leak with Performance Guarantee

hapco products pro seal
  • 8-Ounce Bottle
  • Doesn’t Contain Petroleum Distillates
  • Also to Be Used as Seal Conditioner
  • Compatible with All Conventional and Synthetic O

The last option we have to offer here is one by Hapco Products. They’ve guaranteed that their product will 100% stop any oil leak or they will give you your money back. There’s something that eliminates all the risks and worries, aside from the fact that your oil leak will also be repaired.

It’s compatible with all conventional and synthetic oils and will make sure to quickly restore all rubber seals back to their healthy forms. You don’t have to worry about anything being damaged as this oil stop leak doesn’t contain petroleum distillates. You can also feel free to use this one as a prevention method for future leaks by using it as a seal conditioner.

It’s nothing that will hurt your bank account too much and you can rest assured knowing that it will work. It doesn’t have too many added benefits like a few of the others mentioned here but it does what it’s meant for superbly.

How to Choose an Engine Oil Stop Leak

It doesn’t take a pro to figure out how to use an engine oil stop leak. You won’t need to use any special tools such as an oil filter wrench or anything like that. All you need is a cloth, a funnel, and the knowledge on which oil stop leak fluid to get that will make sure your needs are satisfied.

This guide will help you with precisely that. Knowing how to apply the additive is easy, simply pour it and you’re done. But, knowing which one to get for your vehicle is the tricky part. There are hundreds of brands that say their choice is best but it’s always hard to decide. One of the easiest ways to decide is to learn the following things and make the decision based on whether the particular additive meets your needs and specifications.

What Type of Oil Does Your Vehicle Run On?

In many cases, many of the best engine oil stop leaks out there will work on most engines. Despite that, you should always make sure whether the oil stop leak you are considering is compatible with both conventional and synthetic motor oils, or whatever your vehicle prefers.

Activation Speed

You need to understand that in order for the oil stop leak fluid to work, the car needs to travel a couple hundred miles. In most cases, 100 to 200 miles is all it takes. But, there are brands that are not limited to that as others can go even more than that until activating. Obviously, this will affect the price so the thing you need to consider here is whether your situation is critical.

If the damage is minor, then save some money and buy one that activates slower. If the damage is more serious, however, it will be preferred that you go the extra mile and invest in one that works faster. Unfortunately, oil leakage is a tricky but common situation. Don’t expect anything like oil drain pans or other tools to help you here rather than a great oil stop leak and a visit to a mechanic at some point in the future.

How Much Fluid Should You Use?

How much fluid you use depends on a few things. First of all, you need to assess the situation and see if the damage is serious or minor. After that, determine whether you will need a couple of extra bottles. Usually, most brands state they will fix the problem with one usage.

However, in many cases, that won’t be enough. It won’t matter whether your car runs on conventional petrol, diesel oil, or synthetic oil, the leak can be either small or big so that’s the main thing that should decide how much additive you will need.


You have seen that many brands also offer a few added benefits. While this is great, your main concern should be the oil leak itself. You’re here to stop an engine oil leak and anything else is simply a bonus. Make sure everything is compatible and know that the extra features are just that – extra.

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