The Best Motorcycle Gloves in 2023

The benefits of wearing motorcycle gloves will definitely pay off once you experience a long ride without them. They do a great job of protecting your hands in the event of an unfortunate accident. They also protect from the weather, they offer a lot of comfort, better grip, and the list goes on.

Gloves might not be as important as the brakes when it comes to motorcycle gear, but you would be surprised by how much some of the best motorcycle gloves out there can improve your experience. There are quite a few things to learn about buying this type of product, as choosing the wrong one can affect your comfort and experience negatively.

You need to choose carefully. You need to take into account what season of the year it is, what material they’re made of, and lots more. That’s why we created this motorcycle gloves buyer’s guide so that you can make an informed choice and never go wrong. Here are a few of the best motorcycle gloves you definitely need to consider, and a buyer’s guide below that will help make your choice a lot easier without wasting any more time and money.

alpinestars mens sp 8 v2 leather motorcycle gloves
  • Full-Grain Leather
  • PU Grip
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Patented Finger Bridge
  • Hook and Loop Closure Type

The first pair of motorcycle gloves you will have the pleasure of checking out is one by Alpinestars. These are thick leather gloves, meaning they will be perfect for winter. You might want to avoid them during the summer as they can make your hands quite hot. This also means that you won’t be having any problems with the cold during winter as you hit the open road.

Durability is one of their best features. These are hard to ruin and damage from scraping. They aren’t indestructible, but they will handle quite a lot of abrasion. Another one of the most desirable features when it comes to the best leather motorcycle gloves out there is the grip. This is one of the most important features for riders. Leather can be slippery, but the bottom of the gloves is designed perfectly so that it would provide a firm grip thanks to the innovative microfiber and PU grip.

Everything about these gloves sounds extremely desirable. They will keep your hands warm during winter, they are abrasion resistant, they have one of the strongest grips around, but they do cost quite a bit. They aren’t the cheapest on the market, but their premium quality more than makes up for it.

REV’IT! Sand 3 Gloves

Motorcycle Gloves With Amazing Ventilation

revit sand 3 gloves
  • Summer and Winter Gloves
  • Air Stretch Mesh
  • Drum-Dyed Goatskin
  • Ventilated Knuckle
  • Elastic

The next part of gloves is one that goes great in the middle of both winter and summer. They’re designed so that they will keep your hands warm during winter and let the air flow during the summer. The list of benefits doesn’t stop there, as there is much more to discuss regarding the REV’IT! Sand 3 motorcycle gloves.

The construction of these gloves is something to be intrigued about. They’re made from 3D air stretch mesh, which is what makes wearing them worth it during summer. They’re also created using drum-dyed goatskin and a few other materials, making the entire experience unforgettable.

A few of the main reasons motorcycle enthusiasts go for these ones are adjustability and ventilation. It’s easy to adjust them while not losing the same level of comfort. Also, the included ventilation panels and the ventilated TPR injected knuckles will definitely show the difference between a cheap pair of gloves and the REV’IT! Sand 3.

Alpinestars Men’s SMX-1 Air v2

The Most Stylish Motorcycle Gloves

alpinestars mens smx1 air v2
  • Premium Leather
  • Air Mesh
  • Side Padding
  • Hook and Loop Grip

We have Alpinestars making another appearance on our list of the best motorcycle gloves. This time, they’re here to present their Men’s SMX-1 Air v2 gloves. First of all, their black & white sporty design will have all the ladies looking at you when you zoom by with your bike. But, if that’s not your biggest concern, then you need to check out a few of the amazing benefits this pair of gloves has to offer.

First of all, this is one of the most inexpensive choices on our list yet. It’s almost half the price of the other two picks and offers pretty amazing benefits for the price. Their construction features a leather main and mesh chassis. They also feature strategically placed perforation zones and air mesh surfaces for a great experience during summer use.

Everything from their design to their comfort and grip is definitely worth the cost. They aren’t extremely expensive and will serve you for a lot of time. If you’re looking for great design and a lot of comfort, then these are the best motorcycle gloves for you.

Scorpion EXO Klaw II Gloves

The Best Motorcycle Gloves for Protection

scorpion exo klaw ii gloves
  • Goatskin Leather
  • TPU Molded Knuckles
  • TPR Molded Finger Protectors
  • Rib-Stretch Knuckle Expansion Panels
  • Hook and Loop Closure

The next amazing pair of gloves that provide an unmatched combination of comfort and protection are these ones by Scorpion. You can immediately tell that they are designed to look sporty and comfortable.

Protection is one of the main benefits and reasons why riders consider these gloves. The feature TPU molded knuckle protection, as well as TPR molded finger protectors. Goatskin leather construction provides a great look and a comfortable feel. They are perfect for everyday riders who can’t risk trading comfort for anything else. In fact, these are among the most inexpensive gloves that provide this feature.

As promised, comfort and protection are going to be the two primary reasons for getting these gloves. If these features are highest on your list, and you’re not looking to spend a whole lot of money, then say hello to your new best motorcycle gloves.

Milwaukee Men’s Summer Cruising Gloves

The Best Cruiser Motorcycle Gloves

milwaukee mens summer cruising gloves
  • Premium Cowhide Leather
  • Pull-On Closure
  • Gel-Padded Palm
  • Adjustable Strap

Here is a slightly different pair of gloves for motorcycles, as you can probably notice from their appearance. These are summer gloves intended mainly for cruiser motorcycles. They might look like ordinary winter gloves, but you will notice the difference between using these and normal gloves, especially during the summer.

It’s pretty clear that wearing any type of gloves in the middle of summer can become pretty hot and aggravating. That’s where Milwaukee’s gloves come into play. They are made from premium leather and feature gel-padded palms. That’s going to offer a highly noticeable difference when it comes to comfort. These are among the best summer motorcycle gloves you can get mainly because they are extremely easy to put on, they’re adjustable, and are surprisingly not hot at all.

On top of all that, they are among the most inexpensive on this list. Milwaukee’s summer cruising gloves are the best motorcycle gloves under 50 we have to offer, which definitely adds to the list of benefits.

Joe Rocket Men’s Café Racer Motorcycle Gloves

The Best Leather Motorcycle Gloves

joe rocket mens cafe racer motorcycle gloves
  • Drum-Dyed Leather
  • Retro Style
  • Articulated Full Flex Panel
  • High-Density Padding
  • YKK Zipper with Gusset

The last one is a pair of gloves that raises the bar when it comes to stylish gloves for bikers. These are Joe Rocket’s Racer Gloves that have a retro style to them and come in a brown color. The material they’re made of is drum-dyed leather, and they also feature high-density padding on the knuckles and thumbs for extra protection.

They certainly win the spot for the most unique motorcycle gloves on our list. Adding to the list of retro style features, these gloves are also the only ones that include a YKK zipper closure system. If you’re someone who likes unique things and prefers a comfortable experience, you definitely won’t go with Joe Rocket’s amazing Cafe Racer Motorcycle Gloves.

How to Choose Motorcycle Gloves

Choosing the best motorcycle gloves for you doesn’t have to be a complicated process. There are only a few primary things you always need to consider and keep on your mind in order to make the best possible choice, and one you will never regret.

Now that you’ve seen a few of the best ones out there, you probably know what a few of the most important features to look for are. However, let’s elaborate further on the matter and explain why and what to put into consideration when buying motorcycle gloves.


Aside from the helmet and a motorcycle jacket, the gloves are also as important when it comes to protective gear. They are an essential part of the whole package and are a must-have if you want to avoid injuries and long-term adverse effects from being on the road.

How can motorcycle gloves protect you? One of the most common ways this product can protect you is against abrasion and even more serious injuries that can occur upon impact. There is a highly noticeable difference between falling with and without motorcycle gloves.

However, it’s not just from impact and falling that the gloves can protect you. They’re also amazing for absorbing vibrations. Long-term exposure to these vibrations with bare hands can result in numbness and other more serious cases.


Breathability, warmth, flexibility, and similar are all things that can be specified as comfortability factors. When it comes to this feature, you’re definitely going to want to invest more, as wearing an uncomfortable glove is going to be even worse than not wearing it at all.

So, what’s the main thing you need to look for? Well, in this case, it’s a little bit of everything, actually. You’re going to want separate gloves for winter and summer or one extremely great one that provides both cooling for the summer and heating for the winter.

Breathable gloves with great ventilation are a must if you want to make it through the hot summer days. Also, the best motorcycle gloves out there will be quite flexible and offer you a lot of hand movement.

Keep these things in mind before purchasing, as they will make the difference between a great and a bad motorcycle glove. In any way, having multiple types of gloves isn’t a bad idea, as they will suit you for whatever scenario you face. Getting a professional motorcycle backpack is also a wise choice for adding more comfort when carrying things like your gloves.


The grip is another factor that will make the difference between the best motorcycle gloves and ones that aren’t worth a penny. What do we mean when we say grip? Great gloves are made so that they will not interfere with your ability to grab the brakes, the gas, or other controls in a negative way. They will, however, make sure to enhance your experience and improve control and comfort.

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