The Best RV Surge Protectors in 2023

Anyone who owns an RV (recreational vehicle) knows that it’s not exactly cheap to fix it if one or more things get damaged. There’s much more going on in an RV than there is in a car, meaning there are more things to get damaged. Electrical surges are among the most common problems that can occur if not handled with care and necessary precautions.

There are many devices that require power inside this type of vehicle, such as a special RV refrigerator, cooking appliances, even a washing machine, and lots more. That’s why looking for the best RV surge protector out there will save you a lot of money, time, and worries.

We’ve listed some of the best ones in this article and have prepared an RV surge protector buyer’s guide so that you will know which one is best for your RV.

progressive industries ems pt50x
  • 50 Amps 
  • Operating Temperatures: -40C to +105C
  • Weather Resistant
  • 3580 Joules

It’s always worth it to research what you’re buying before you purchase it. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and will highlight the most important features you need to know about these RV surge protectors.

The first one we have here is one by Progressive Industries. It’s among the best 50-amp RV surge protectors you will find out there, and here is why. First of all, it features 3580 joules of surge protection. It protects against high voltages, including 120 and 240 volts. It’s also weather-resistant, making it more durable and giving it a longer lifespan. Operating temperatures range from -40C to +105C.

There isn’t a doubt that this is one of the best RV surge protectors ever. It is also one of the most durable as well. It’s great for outdoor use, it’s not difficult to install, it has a shielded housing, and much more. However, it’s also not one of the cheapest ones out there as well.

Hughes Autoformers PWD50-EPO

Most Advanced RV Surge Protector

hughes autoformers pwd50 epo
  • 4800 Joules
  • Smart Circuit Analyzer
  • 4 Second Delay After Plug-In
  • LED Park Power Diagnostics. 
  • Wireless Fault Alerts

Hughes Autoformers offers one of the most advanced RV surge protectors you’ve ever seen. This one even comes with Bluetooth and will send a notification to your smartphone if a dangerous event should occur. It will protect your RV against it, but it will still notify you. Not that’s what I call manners.

Anyway, this surge protector features 4800 joules of advanced protection. It has one of the shortest delays upon powering on out of all of the surge protectors on the market. It is usually around 4 seconds, as opposed to way longer delays on other products. It doesn’t require any complex installment expertise, as all you need to do is plug it in at the campground outlet, and you’re good to go.

It’s slightly less expensive than the previous protector, but it’s still quite high on the price list. However, this will be more than worth it if you don’t want to risk any unfortunate events wrecking your RV.

Progressive Industries HW30C 30 Amp RV Surge & Electrical Protector

The Best 30 Amp RV Surge Protector

progressive industries hw30c 30 amp rv surge and electrical protector
  • 30 Amps
  • 1790 Joules
  • 14’ Data Cable
  • 136 Seconds Time Delay
  • Ul Certified and Canadian Approved

Coming up next is another one by Progressive Industries. Unlike the other, this one is a 30 amp RV surge and electrical protector. It detects and protects from open ground, open neutral, and reverse polarity.

This is also an excellent choice for both high and low voltage protection. Its time delay is 136 seconds, which you will most likely get used to. It’s nothing out of the ordinary as long as it prevents any damage to your RV. Another thing about it that should make you feel more than comfortable using it is that it’s UL certified and Canadian Approved, meaning you’re free to hook it up and relax knowing that nothing can harm your precious RV.

It’s also cheaper than both of the previous picks, making it perfect for someone who is on a tighter budget. It’s not as portable as the others, but it still offers amazing protection and is fairly easy to install.

Camco 30 Amp RV Surge Protector

Easiest to Use RV Surge Protector

camco 30 amp rv surge protector
  • 30 Amps
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • Up to 2800 Joules
  • PowerGrip Handles
  • Weather Resistant

This is another elegant surge protector that’s extremely easy to transport and install. Its advanced features are what make it worthy of our best RV surge protectors list. It’s designed for easy use and a hassle-free process.

One of the first things you might love about it is its auto-connect/disconnect feature. This means that it will automatically disconnect and connect everything back again after the storm passes. It is also equipped with LEDs that will indicate faults when you connect it to the power pedestal. Camco’s surge protector also does more than protect against both high and low voltage. It makes sure to provide reverse polarity, open neutral, and similar wiring issues detection and protection.

It’s around the same cost as the others on our list and will do more than a decent job of protecting your RV from surges and other electrical issues.

Surge Guard 44260 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector

Most Affordable RV Surge Protector

surge guard 44260 entry level portable surge protector
  • 30 Amps
  • 2100 Joules
  • LED Status Lights
  • Fully Enclosed Receptacle Cover

The last pick from our list of a few of the best surge protectors for RVs is probably going to be your favorite one if you’re on a tighter budget. This one costs a significant amount less than all of your previous choices, and it can still deliver a few amazing benefits.

Maybe it won’t offer over 4000 joules of surge protection like some of the more expensive ones out there, but you will be surprised by the number of great features this RV surge protector has in store for you. It provides 2100 joules of surge protection, identifies faulty park power, analyzes circuits to verify pedestal power, and also detects indicated open ground, open neutral, and reverse polarity.

It’s almost hard to believe that you’re getting such an amazing 30-amp RV surge protector with such impressive features for a relatively low price. If you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank and still protect your RV from power surges, then this may be the best RV surge protector for you.

How to Choose an RV Surge Protector

When it comes to electricity and protecting yourself and your RV from it, you should always find the best possible way to protect, as safety should never be overlooked. Look at it this way. If something like a power surge destroyed your RV’s appliances, you would end up paying significantly more than what it would cost in an RV surge protector.

Such a surge could hit anything from the coffee maker in your RV to the battery full of electricity that your RV generator produced at some point. If you want to protect your RV, check out our top picks for surge protectors above and listen to what our buyer’s guide has to say in order to get the best one specifically for your situation.

These are a few of the things you always need to consider before making a purchase.

Amp Rating

The amp rating of a surge protector is actually one of the easiest steps when trying to find the best one for you. All you have to do to get this right is to look at what the pedestal outlet and your RV specify in terms of amps and buy the corresponding surge protector. In most cases, the most common choices are a 30-amp and a 50-amp RV surge protector.

Joule Rating

The most important thing you’re going to need to know about the joules rating is that the higher the joule surge protection specified, the better for you. However, not all RV surge protectors have the same rating, as this generally affects the price and other specifications of the protector.

The joules rating specifies the maximum amount of energy measured in joules the surge protector will be able to absorb and export as heat. This is why higher will always be better. If a surge protector that can only absorb 1500 joules was hit with more than that, then it would give out and possibly do a lot of damage. That’s why you will always want to look for one that protects your RV from dangerous power surges.


When ease of installation comes into question, there are two main types of RV surge protectors out there. They are known as portable and hard-wired. The portable ones are usually a lot easier to set up, while the hard-wired ones will require professional help from someone who knows what they’re doing.

If you want to avoid all of the hassle and risk from setting up a hard-wired one yourself, you will want to purchase a portable one with decent specifications. Luckily, there are many commercial brands that provide easy to set up RV surge protectors that will protect your RV from a significant amount of electricity.

Indication and Notification

One of the best features an RV surge protector can have, besides protecting your RV from surges and other wiring faults, is its ability to notify you when something bad has happened or is about to happen. Most of the best ones will have LED indicators that light up in such a case, but as you’ve seen from one of our top picks above, some surge protectors will even send a notification to your phone, informing you of such a situation.

It’s important that you’re notified when a surge occurs, but some models with LED indicators are hard to read during the daytime. It’s not extremely necessary but try to purchase one that will clearly indicate and not leave you in the dark.


You might have noticed something buzzing loudly at another RV near you. In most cases, this is usually coming from a low-quality RV surge protector that continually emits an annoying sound. This won’t affect the surge protector’s ability to protect your RV from surges in any way, but it will make you and your neighbors very uncomfortable after a while. If you’re seeking at least a little bit of comfort, then look for one that has a low noise level.


An RV surge protector is a necessary tool for preventing any wiring and electricity issues from harming your RV and its appliances. Something such as a surge can affect your fridge, water heating equipment, your RV solar kit, and other expensive equipment. But, deciding to buy one is only part of the process.

You also need to know how to purchase one and what to look for in order to make a great decision that won’t waste any time or money. Follow the tips in our RV surge protector buyer’s guide and definitely consider the choices we’ve researched and showcased above.

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